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TSQL Tuesday #96

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic, hosted by Ewald Cress‏ (t|b), is “Folks Who Have Made a Difference.” This is a topic near and dear to my heart; for 17 years I have worked as a Developer/DBA truly fearing that I was not good enough to be a part of the SQL Server community. I am also an introvert. As I was working on this post Kendra Little (t|b|l) must have been looking over my shoulder as she posted a podcast on “introverts” here. It is definitely a topic I need to think more about. Two years ago was my break through moment for becoming a part of community. This was all because of one particular person that gave me the nudge I needed.

The entire SQL Server community has helped me in one fashion or another throughout my career. However, I have to point out one person that truly got me started in this community and gave me confidence to be a part of the community.  That person is, Chrissy LeMaire (t|b|d). She introduced me to the Twitter, Slack SQL Community, and the entire SQL Family in later part of 2015. I started to contribute where I could with her project dbatools, where you can also check out the 1000+ member community here on slack. From there, things have sky rocketed for me.

  • I have been contributing a lot more in the community (a lot more than I thought I ever would).
  • I have starting to blog (never ever thought I would even attempt, this is my first and will be publishing another one in a few hours).
  • Communicate with so many others within the community.
  • Attend webinars/WebEx sessions a lot more frequently and interact with other members.

I am able to do all of this now without feeling like an introvert, judged, or even anxious.

It has been humbling to be part of this community for the past 2 years allowing me to contribute further, make new friends, help others, and challenging myself more. Time has flown by in the last 2 years and one day I hope to meet as many community members as I can. Again, thank you Chrissy for introducing me to a simply amazing SQL Family!

From here, I am going to list out some other key people that have had an impact on me in one way or another with my career decisions in no particular order:

  • Rob Sewell (t|b|g) – Thank you for being a dear friend from afar and teaching me everything Pester, PowerShell and letting me contribute to dbareports and handing it off. (need to discuss some things once things settle down)
  • Claudio Silva (t|b|g) – Thank you for allowing me to contribute to a function you wrote for dbatools that got me started on my new adventure.
  • Brent Ozar (t|b|g) – Thank you for all you have done with the Community, not just First-Responder-Kit, but also GroupBy and all your blog posts. You assisted in jump-starting my career as a DBA many moons ago in ways that I cannot express enough.
  • Constatine Kokkinos (t|b|g) – Thank you for teaching me more PowerShell and Git-Bash commands (blog post saved in drafts for now).
  • Fred Weinmann (t|b) – You are a rock start in my book. Thank you for teaching me more advanced PowerShell, getting me to understand powershell even more internally and responsiveness to my questions.
  • Shawn Melton (t|b|g) – Thank you for giving me code advice and teaching me PowerShell. In addition, thank you for taking the time to review my blog posts, your generosity is tremendous and I appreciate it (congrats again!).
  • Gary Bargsley (t|b) – Thank you for challenging me with your questions, and helping not only myself but also many others.
  • Paul Randal (t|b) – Thank you for you and your wife’s dedication to the community and all you have done and continue to do.
  • Jonathan Cox (t|b) – Thank you for your assistance so far with all of my Dynamics questions (more coming soon).
  • Argenis Fernandez (t|b) – Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about our storage system and teaching me new things to look for.
  • Pinal Dave (t|b|g) – Thank you for the countless simple blog posts that always seem to come up first for me as a great solution and for being such a great speaker.
  • Shane O’Neill (t|b) – Thank you for your tireless efforts moderating GroupBy, dbafundamentals along with the slack channels during all the presentations, you have been amazing.
  • Andy Mallon (t|b) – Thank you for shaping a piece of my life that I never expected you to do, however, you did. You have given me more motivation to do this than you can imagine. You are a true inspiration and motivator. (I am still a cake doughnut person, sorry)

There are countless others out there in the SQL Server community and SQL Family that deserve thanks. I want to say thank you to each one of you for all you do.  Every blog post, YouTube video, training webinars, podcast etc. Each one of you are amazing and I am not just proud but also very privileged to be a part of this amazing community.


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  1. Woohoo, welcome to the blogosphere! And thanks for the kind words. Keep up the good work!

  2. […] Jason Squires is one of the first-time bloggers, making me inordinately pleased to have been associated with that genesis. Also, by this point the leitmotif of the PowerShell community drawing people out of their shells is building into a rousing chorus. […]

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