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Enterprise Level Reporting with dbachecks (from the makers of dbatools)

Are you a DBA or even a SysAdmin and you have been looking for a module to assist you in determining if your SQL systems are set up and configured properly? Are you looking for an enterprise level reporting system where you can even drill down to a specific group of systems like production or development? What about even further down and to the specific system.  Are you tired of trying to write your own custom scripts of checks and reports? Do you want to see the health of your system/s in a clear manner? Well folks, it is finally here! The dbatools team has released a brand new module, properly named dbachecks.

This module was developed and designed to ensure you can see if you have the best settings/configurations set up on your SQL systems using powershell. There are three pre-requisites that are required to load the module. Those are Pester 4.3.1, PS Framework, and currently as of this post dbatools 0.9.207. However, the team of dbachecks, kindly built in a notification for you if those modules and versions should those not be installed or would have a need to update.

What I really love about this module, is how you can utilize SQL CMS, and view the results at an enterprise reporting level. Depending on what tests you run and how large your systems are, will determine how long it will take to run. I have been running tests for the team using a very large system set, so it did take some time to run all of the tests but two of them.  The reason I excluded the follow TestLastBackup TestLastBackupVerifyOnly, is this fabulous post by a #newblogger Jess Promfret (t|b).

Before we dive into what my post is about, I would like to point out, that since today is opening day, there are several contributors that have written a post for dbachecks and those posts are:


There are many different configurations, and I would reference Rob Sewell post above. I have decided to keep mine simple for this post.

Because I have been so excited for this, my standard practice has been to get the latest modules and I did so by doing the following (You can check out the actual install process from Chrissy’s post on install dbachecks listed above):

This might look like it is overkill, however the dedicated team is so consistently updating, and you do need to stay up to date.
Now let us check a few things out. First off, we want to see what commands are available:

Now the forth one down from the list above is what we want to check next. How many checks can be ran against each system? With that, we can do the following:

WOW! 80, yes 80 different systems checks, and this is just the initial release! Now let us go ahead and see specifically what checks we are going to execute.

Now those are some nice looking checks! Okay, time to start setting the configuration (Check out Rob’s post on “Configurable PowerShell Validation For Your SQL Instances list above”):

First, let us see what configs are out there that we can set:

Below are some of the typical configs I set:

Time to execute:

Below is what it looks like when the checks kick off:

Checks have finished:

Now the PowerBI report, graciously built by Claudio! Please reference his post from today (Using Power BI dashboards to analyse results) listed above.

Wow, that is amazing! 4,189 total tests in 8.34 minutes for some of my production servers.

Let us do some filtering out:

This is some legit stuff! I click on production and check my first server so I can see what needs to be changed or properly configured. All of the numbers are now referencing the selected server.  This is awesome. Not only did I get an enterprise level success/failure percentage, I can do it at the server level too!

How cool is this! I can select on a particular test with failures and it shows be me what database it is on! I have to add @cl and @SOZDBA here as they were mixing it up yesterday – “You better Check Yo’self before you Wreck Yo’Self”

I decided to push the limits of this module with a large set of systems:

Now that is a lot of tests! I can also filter it down to any Environment!  This is what I have been looking for all of these years!

Please, checkout all of the dbachecks links:

Finally, thank you to all of the contributors of this amazing module by members of the dbatools team. Be sure there will be more to come from them!



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