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T-SQL Tuesday #97

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic, hosted by Mala Mahadevan (t|b), is “My Learning Plan”. This is an interesting subject to me and one that had me truly think on what I really wanted to do. I decided to come up with a bullet point list, and then thought to myself; “That is always my go to, do something different!”


There are areas I need to work on and I feel that is for every DBA. In 2018, I really want to re-organize my mind and start to focus on items that I would like to have more in-depth knowledge of and be an individual the community can rely on for advice and knowledge sharing. I am going to pick two items for SQL Server, two for PowerShell, and quite possibly a couple of personal ones.

SQL Server:

Extended Events – I currently use this in my environment but I do not know enough about it to utilize all its capabilities. I have seen a couple of webcasts on it, but really want to take a deeper dive into it.

Always On Availability Groups – I have implemented this feature once in the past but have not touched it since. SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection) Firewall rules are killing me.


Pester – I see Pester as a great tool and testing mechanism. I can implement these tools further in my environment to ensure every day I look at my emailed report that all systems are still functioning, as they should. I would like to ensure my daily reports are green and not red.

PowerShell – I have the basics down and have written a tremendous amount of scripts, however I know there are intricacies I do not fully understand how they work. I just know that they do work.


Blogging – I find myself still hesitant about blogging, however I am going to commit at least one blog post a month. I find myself relieved when I start a blog post, but towards the middle and end, not focusing. I want to focus on the subject, no matter how short or long the post.

Attendance – While I might be interactive online and attend live sessions such as GroupBy and DbaFundamentals, I know there is more I can do and contribute. I am going to stretch myself and commit to try attending at least one SQL Server user group in my area in 2018.

Contribute – I already contribute a minimal amount. I have a plan to contribute a lot more in 2018. A fellow #SQLFamily member and I already have a meeting scheduled up during the holiday break and I am very excited about it.

My Learning Plan Goal – I am going to track these goals on a monthly basis to see if I am on track for the year. Later in the year, I will post updates to show how I am tracking on each one.

The Biggest Goal – Speaking, either at in-person events (maybe those SQL Server user groups) or online. This will be a goal that has the most risk of not accomplishing. I am setting a time to complete this in the 4th quarter of 2018.

Thank you Mala for this month’s topic. I have been thinking for a week now on what to write about and it took migration day for me to finally sit a do it.


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